Desert Dogs Camo & Archery
Got it? Want it Camo'd?
Military Camo on a pistol. We have many military prints available.
3-D skulls on a Harley gas tank.

Archery & Hydrographic Printing Specialists



Desert Dogs Camo & Archery is a family owned business which started in 2010. Based in Tennessee we can give 100% to our passion; Archery and Camo.

DDC functions as an Archery Pro Shop complete with all archery hunting equipment, target shooting, and proshop to keep your bows maintained. Our Pro Shop is completely mobile so if you're having an Archery competition, league, or shoot we can come to you with no extra charge. This is a service that will make your archery events even more desirable; need extra arrows, tips, your bow sighted in, or a quick string change...we can do that on the spot. You can also come pay us a vist anytime and we'll get you set up with anything you might need. Out of state? That's okay, check out our online store and you can find most products there. If we don't have your favorite product listed, no problem, send us an email and we'll special order it for you no extra charge.

Our second passion is Camo (Of course, we're in Tennessee). So, we learned the art of putting camo onto anything in a very durable and strong way. Actually, we can put any pattern onto any hard surface so we don't stop at camo.

Hydrographic printing is known by several names. It is also known as water transfer printing. We can apply any design, any pattern, any idea onto anything your heart desires; guns, rifles, shotguns, bows, arrows, skulls, cars, ATV's, motorcycles, bumpers, dashboards, snowboards, snow ski's, water ski's, surfboards, prosthetics.....really, anything...and yeah, it's cool! If it will fit in our tank we can dip it.

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